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Who we are

My history from the beginning:

About twenty years ago, as soon as I finished high school, while I was reading the classifieds in the Newspaper looking for a summer job, I came across an ad where they were selling a 1930’s rowing machine. Curious about this object whose existence I had ignored until that moment, I decided to call the number on the ad and to go and see it.

Fascination with antiques did the rest.

Since then I travel around Europe and buy antique masterpieces and objects, from private owners, that arealways more precious and beautiful.
I do it most of all out of passion, to feel that excitement that only those who love antiques can understand: The enthusiasm of discovery, of searching, of finding and re-proposing a beautiful piece. Art that purifies, that rises, that lasts through time, is eternal.
I sell so I can buy again. As if I were magnificently dependent.

I live of the taste and of the feeling,
Of the essence and the fascination with what is beautiful.

On this site you will never find false objects, counterfeits or pieces that are excessively restored.

Here you will only find what is antique and original.
This is a promise, the motto and the insurance towards any individual who decides to trust this virtual showcase.