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Evaluation of Inheritance

Evaluation for Division of Inheritance

Evaluations for the division of an inheritance are gratuitous, in the case in which the owner should decide to sell the entire collection or just a part of it; otherwise the cost will vary based on the number of items and the value of the lot under examination.
Antiquares offers its professionalism to evaluate your pieces, analyzing their commercial value and their specific characteristics.
Appraisals have a different process based on detailed in depth studies, in comparison to a simple evaluation. They are usually used for inheritance purposes in support of indemnity procedures, for insurance purposes and for evaluations concerning collections of art or furniture.
In the appraisal there are some basic elements that are highlighted such as the placement, the fabrication or school, the state of conservation, the provenance, the materials and technique of execution and the current market value. In order to provide this documentation, more than one viewing of the pieces will be necessary: the first will provide a complete picture of the pieces to analyze, during the second viewing each piece will be examined individually. In the case in which there are pieces of great historical or artistic value, we internally have esteemed professionals that are able to evaluate in a specific manner the pieces in question, as well as being able to establish their authenticity and their attribution.

Inventory of Collections of Art And Furnishings

As far as the evaluation of pieces belonging to a complete collection of art or furnishings, the same procedure that is used for appraisals is followed; in the case in which the client should be interested in selling a part or the entire collection, Antiquares will offer its expertise for free.

Paid Appraisals

Appraisals have a cost of €250. This cost is not in proportion to the value of the piece, but depends on the necessary time used to draw up the report as well as to do the correlated in depth research. It is furthermore possible to request a prevision of fee for the appraisal by supplying various necessary elements such as the provenance, the typology and the quantity.