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Estimates and Appraisals

An estimate is the first step to take when one decides to sell an object, a painting, a sculpture, or any other antique piece.
Antiquares is available for estimates and appraisals of the objects you possess, with utmost professionalism, keeping in mind market demand, the state of the piece and it’s specific characteristics.
We also consult to give expert written evaluations for inheritances, insurance purposes, and for complete collections of furniture and art.
In the case of pieces of great historical and artistic value, we internally have esteemed professionals that have the ability to evaluate in depth the pieces in question.
The estimates have a cost of Euro 250.
This cost is not in proportion to the value of the piece, but mostly depends on the time necessary to write the evaluation and do the pertinent in depth research.
It is also possible to request and estimate on the cost of the appraisal by providing a few important pieces of information such as the origin, the type and the quantity of pieces.
Of course appraisals, which are composed of detailed and specific studies, require a different process than simple estimates.
Appraisals are usually executed in cases of inheritance, to support indemnity procedures, for evaluations related to insurance, concerning entire furniture and art collections.
In the appraisal various points are highlighted such as the placement, the fabrication or school, the state of conservation, the provenance, the materials and technique of execution and the current market value.
An initial inspection (free of charge) will be necessary, to have a preliminary view of the pieces to appraise. Later each single piece will be viewed individually.
Concerning the evaluation of pieces that are part of an entire art collections or furniture, they are executed with the same procedure used for appraisals.
As per the evaluations, in the case in which the proprietor is willing to sell the entire collection or just a part of it, Antiquares will offer their evaluation free of charge.