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Evaluation of Paintings

Antiquares Evaluates Antique and Modern Paintings, estimates inheritances and catalogues entire Art Collections.
We are members of the AAI, Italian Antiquarian Association, and we have been operating with passion in this sector for over fifteen years.
Do not hesitate to ask us for our first opinion by filling in the appropriate form.

Only through an in depth study can we truly get to know a piece and correctly evaluate it.
The main parameters that are used to make an appropriate evaluation are without doubt: the period, the condition, the author (when possible to determine), and market demandat the precise moment when the item is sold/bought.
Other factors that will be taken into consideration are the subject, dimensions, possible restoration, provenance, and othervariable parameters.
The sum of these elements will determine the appraisal and economic evaluation of the object.

Our First evaluation of a painting will not in any way be binding to its owner. This can be also done through photographs (preferably of good quality), it will allow a first cataloguing and will help determine a first level of value and general interest, possibly also ours, in purchasing.
After this first step a more detailed and precise evaluation is necessary and it can only be done through direct visual contact with the painting.
This second level will be free of charge should Antiquares decide to purchase the piece, or will require payment should the information acquired by the owner be of personal curiosity or just to further understand the piece in question.

For appointments regarding direct evaluation of complete collections, please contact us at
+39 392 6587032.
Should you be interested in a general opinion please email us photos at antiquares@virgilio.it, making sure you give us any information you have regarding the piece.
In alternative you can fill in all areas of the designated form. form.
We remain at your disposal for any clarifications, guaranteeing maximum discretion and trustworthiness.